INSTRUCTIONS: Use the cursor keys to route packets to the ports. The game ends when there are more than 40 packets in the router.

The Blurb

You play a router receiving packets from connected peers. Your goal is to send them in the best direction to make their destination. Only problem is that you don't know the shape of the network except what incoming packets tell you.

Quickly route packets the right way to build up info about the network. Deal with changes of information and network outages. You play the algorithm!

The Idea

Took the theme of connected worlds and thought about the packet switching/routing algorithms that my very basic understanding and study of networks helped me to understand.

The implementation

VERY MUCH less than what I planned. Turns out not having ever written a game before that there is a lot to learn. It's possibly the worst code I have ever turned out, but conversely some of the most fun I have had writing it!

Spent a lot of time drawing boxes, getting them to bounce. There is a very basic game there - when the router has too many packets it will fail (about 40 or so).


And apologies for the use of unfriendly colours


The tools